Rabu, 04 Desember 2013

Children of Alcoholics

In many families, there are also one or both parents, where a lot of alcohol is consumed. The drink for the adults is supposedly not good for the children and harms their health. So the argument of many parents, if they consume alcoholic beverages in front of their children.

Children can not understand why this should be so, but if the parents drink alcohol regularly mostly. But bans irritate just to make these things but just because they are forbidden. The example of the parents should be placed in the foreground here. Certainly no one would mind, if you take an adult having a drink, but regularity can have huge health damages also for adults.
Along with the physical organ damage that may be caused by a regular alcohol consumption can make the mind-altering drug alcohol also dependent. Even if alcohol is legal, it is a drug of which you can be addiction.

Just by the change in consciousness that comes with the drinking parents, children can not really understand what is going on with these behavior changes in parents when they drink because alcohol. Is due to the regular consumption of alcohol dependency already arisen with one or both parents, the alcohol in the center of the entire family comes more and more. The children of alcoholics see the mood swings and changes in behavior of the parents, depending on how much they have been drinking.

Often children only when they themselves are adults who are dealing with their childhood, when are they able to talk about it and seek help. Their entire childhood they usually feel as bad and even sometimes give themselves to blame that their parents have been drinking so much alcohol.

Because of these childhood develop children of alcoholics sometimes even an extreme behavior, which may lead to the complete rejection of alcohol, but also in the danger of being through the experience of childhood experiences themselves become alcoholics.

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