Rabu, 05 Juni 2013

Sportswear: Well equipped for the next triathlon

Triathletes usually occur first in swimming. The second discipline is followed by the swimming cycling the unit immediately and completion is running. In addition to the training, it also depends on the equipment. The swim part the triathletes must be equipped with a swimming goggles, a bathing cap and a wetsuit. Triathletes who face the competition, of course, rely entirely different priorities than beginners. If the gain in the foreground, the suit is not saved. It would eventually fatal if swimming performance would be reduced by the suit. For beginners, it sure does, however, a cheaper model. Primarily, the wetsuit is intended to protect against the cold.

To this end, the suit is also listed in the rules that apply formally for a triathlon. The ITU World Triathlon Federation, also establishes certain neoprene thicknesses that are allowed in a competition. These are five millimeters maximum. However, the suits have another side effect which benefits the triathletes during competition. They have a positive effect on the lift. The stronger the material, the better the buoyancy properties. Where it depends on the elongation properties, thinner material is of course cheaper.

Wetsuits are generally not made ​​whole, but are composed of individual parts. Now, various neoprene places are available. There are not many companies that manufacture neoprene, this really is ideal for a triathlon. If the synthetic rubber foamed to form NitrogeneinschlĂĽsse. These included Nitrogenbläschen cause the cold protection, since it assumes an insulating effect. At the same time this creates the buoyancy effect. Nano-particles are applied to the surface of the suit, can reduce the water resistance further. The quality of the suit is ultimately in the processing and the material composition and average. It is optimal if the wetsuit is applied like a second skin.