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Outdoor Jacket - On what is important?

Outdoor jackets are a dime a dozen. But since "Outdoor Jacket" is an umbrella term for many different types of functional jackets, here is a brief overview of current models:

Outdoor Jackets for the Rain: Rain Jackets

If it is really wet and the rain patters on a low one wants to naturally dry in his outdoor jacket to stay-there are special raincoats made ​​of waterproof material function. The material should have as high a Wasssersäule, only a rain jacket is truly waterproof. Also, the seams should be sealed waterproof or taped, the zippers should be well covered so that no water can penetrate. However, if you want to do sports with the rain jacket, you should have a breathable and also waterproof outdoor jacket choose.

Breathable Outdoor Jacket

Functional jackets are waterproof and breathable at the same time offer particular advantages: When you get off the sweats sweat through the breathable membrane material from the body, headed outside. Thus, the body cools down not so quickly and stays dry longer. Especially in mountaineering and skiing, this is a decisive advantage. Modern membrane fabrics such as Gore-Tex Active Shell, Dermizax, eVent, Sympatex and are very breathable and waterproof. Also pay attention to the highest possible MVRT value. This shows how vapor permeable, such a hardshell jacket.

Outdoor jackets for the winter and the mountains: Down Jackets

If it is really cold, down jackets are ideal. Down store for their high fill power (Cuin) plenty of air in their feathers and isolate therefore particularly well against the cold. Down jackets should have an H-chamber construction, since durchgesteppten seams cold spots on the outdoor jacket may arise. Also, the percentage of down should be as high as the proportion of the necessary supporting springs accordingly low.

Trekking jackets

Outdoor jackets which are called trekking jackets are specially designed for trekking, hiking and for Hiken. These are usually made of quick-drying material (eg G-1000 or 65/35 of eco lundhags) and are especially designed for use with a backpack and have ideally have many practical pockets for GPS and other equipment. Also hiking jackets belong to this genus.

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