Kamis, 06 Februari 2014

Fashion Trend for Men

Anyone who takes a look at the current men's fashion should not miss out on a new label. Affliction is in. Even at first glance fall on the designs of the new cult label from the U.S.. Less powerful colors as bold prints are the hallmark of the new trend brand. Who is brave enough to wear them, has thus laid a commitment to Affliction, because the style is unmistakable. Many eccentric artists and athletes have thrilled for the label and made ​​it known. Affliction, which are large-scale prints and flamboyant designs. Affliction wearing, who can stand fashionable or wants, because alive and dynamic, often extravagant act the parts of the collections.

Industrial style in foreground

The industrial look is in this fashion label in the foreground. Rich fabrics have become the prints in the front and back pieces to extravagant trend and the skull variations on the individual parts are obvious. Again, Affliction is brave enough to interpret a trendy new fad. Sometimes the fashion reminiscent of the Gothic style and is supported by their followers like. Affliction has an intense despite minimalist color. Ajar has the label in many parts of fashion also to the Japanese Tattoo Art, which is clearly the gold edges, which are incorporated into many textiles. These are made of cotton or bamboo fiber, which is also typical for Affliction. Various series give the label a distinctive touch. Affliction Clothing signaled power and is a bold fashion statement. The large-scale prints look cool. Meanwhile, Affliction Besides jackets and T-shirts and boots, polo shirts and caps available, the spectrum widens, the toughness remains.

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